Is Your Weight Loss at a Standstill?

5 Small Changes to Jumpstart Your Diet!

I don’t own a scale because I tend to weigh myself several times a day, so I rely on a tape measure to help keep me on track. It’s been frustrating because even though I have been as good as gold on my diet, my waist, thighs, and calf measurements are always the same.

Of course, I have never claimed to be perfect, and I have had some slips here and there, but I thought I was balancing it all out. When I slipped off my diet one day, I was extra diligent the next, but apparently that didn’t work as well as I thought.

As I analyzed my food intake, I realized that making some small changes could make a big difference. Here are five small changes to jumpstart your weight loss:

Suck on Sugar-Free Candy

Hormonal changes in menopause and certain medications can make your mouth feel dry as the desert. Hard candy keeps your mouth moist, but each piece is 20 calories, and that can quickly add up. Sugar-free-candy has less calories, and you’ll be reducing your sugar intake, which is always a good thing.

Top Oatmeal With Grapes

A bowl of oatmeal keeps you full until lunch time and is a good source of fiber. One popular topping is raisins, but a quarter cup contains 123 calories. A good nutritional swap is to top oatmeal with eight grapes, which only sets you back 27 calories.

Eat Sandwiches Open-Faced

Who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich at lunchtime? Delicious deli meats and cheese, tuna or chicken salad, or in my case, the good old standby peanut butter and jelly. You’ll save 100 calories by ditching the top slice of bread, and you won’t have to sacrifice flavor.

Skip Chips with Your Burrito

Mexican restaurants bring out that yummy bowl of chips the minute you sit down, and it’s a temptation to dive in until the bowl is empty. You’ll save at least 100 calories if you skip the chips, and you can concentrate on that delicious burrito.

Drink Water Instead of Coke

I know the commercial says “things go better with Coke,” but even the new skinnier cans have almost 100 calories. I used to be a Diet Coke fanatic and it was a hard addiction to beat, but now I have water with every meal and it’s so much more refreshing.  I’m sure if I tasted a Diet Coke now, it would just taste like colored chemicals.