3 Health Benefits Of a Relaxing Massage


I used to think that massage was something that only the more well-to-do person could afford. You went to a luxury spa or upscale health club, and had your own personalized massage therapist. Now, many businesses, hospitals, and clinics offer massage therapy that is more affordable.

There are different types of massage ranging from light touch to deep pressure. A massage is not only relaxing to the body, but can also improve certain health conditions.

Here are 3 healthy benefits of a relaxing massage in menopause:


When you’re stressed, you tend to hold tension in your head, shoulders, and neck. That tension can result in a painful headache. Regular massage relaxes those tight muscles, so there is less pressure on your nerves and blood vessels.

Blood Pressure

Relaxed muscles help stress levels go down, and some people may experience a drop in blood pressure. You will still need to do your part by eating healthy, reducing salt intake, and exercising.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia supports the arch of the foot, and if it is inflamed, you may experience chronic heel pain. Deep massage that puts strong pressure on the arch, can greatly reduce pain, and improve mobility.

For the best results, combine stretching exercises and deep massage. Ask your doctor or physical therapist which exercises are best.

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