3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Go to the Gym


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There are many benefits of going to the gym. You can do different exercises with different pieces of equipment, for a total body workout. There are classes you can take to change-up your routine, such as Zumba, yoga, and water exercises to ease the pain of arthritis. If you’re more of  a social butterfly, you can hang out with your gym friends, and drink healthy smoothies.

Yes, it’s nice to have everything in one place, but some women don’t feel comfortable  in a group setting. Here are 3 reasons why women don’t go to the gym:

Body Image

Look around the gym and you’ll often see the teen queens in their skimpy spandex outfits, looking like a million bucks. Some of the women your age may look toned and tight, and it’s easy to play the comparison game. You may have stretch marks, a pot belly, and big hips and thighs.

Remember you are there to work on these problem areas, and you can exercise in sweats or street clothes if you are more comfortable.

Doing Something Wrong

What if you’re lifting weights and drop the barbell on your foot? You might set the setting on the treadmill too high and have to jump off. Some classes go at a fast pace and you may have trouble keeping up.

This is where it is helpful to reach out to the staff, and get their opinion on the best equipment and classes for beginners. Start slow, and when you have mastered one thing, move on to the next.

Sweat-Stained Equipment

When you’re doing an intense workout, you’re going to be sweat big time, and some of that sweat may drip onto the machine. Most gyms have anti-bacterial wipes you can use to clean the machine, but not everyone uses them.

If you’re freaked out by all those germs, you can wipe down the equipment before and after, or put a towel between your body and the equipment.

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