4 Things To Consider When Juicing

Two Pounds of Carrots Have 41 Grams of Sugar!


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Juicing has been popular since the 1990’s. Veggies and fruits are put through a powerful extractor, which grinds them into juice. If you don’t like eating the recommended five servings of fruits and veggies, drinking juice gives you those beneficial nutrients.

If you drink juice in the morning, you may feel energetic enough to skip your morning coffee. You may choose to do a juice fast for weight loss, or just add into your regular diet.

No matter what your reasons for juicing, there are some important things to consider before you start. Here are four things to consider when juicing:

Juice Can Spoil Easily

According to Registered Dietician Katherine Zeratsky, “Fresh squeezed juices spoil easily because they are not pasteurized.” Juice only as much as needed for a day, but for a fun twist you can freeze it in ice cubes and pop it out as needed.

You’re Digesting Less Fiber

That powerful juicer that makes that delicious juice, also strips away the skins, peel and pulp that contain healthy fiber that keep your system running smoothly. One alternative would be to use a blender to juice so you’re getting more nutrients and fiber.

You May Rebel Against Dieting

If you’re on a juice fast only, you may not be getting enough fiber and protein to keep you full, so you may be more tempted to indulge in forbidden treats to reward yourself. If you don’t get enough protein, muscle mass may be lost, and that slows down metabolism.

You May Be Ingesting Too Much Sugar

When you first start juicing, you may get so excited that you drink several quarts of fruit juice a day.  Of course that depends on what fruits and veggies you are juicing, but it is necessary to juice several pounds of produce to get one 16 ounce glass of juice. This handy chart is a real eye-opener and breaks down the calories and sugar content of some popular fruits and veggies.

What has been your experience with juicing?

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