4 Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day On the Cheap

And Still Get to Chow Down on Chocolate!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and visions of chocolate are dancing in my head. Everyone has their own way of celebrating. It could be a fancy dinner with wine, dancing, a couple’s massage, or a walk along the beach.

As special as this day is, it can also take a big bite out of your wallet. Fortunately, you can still celebrate with your sweetheart and not break the bank.

Here are four tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the cheap:


If you like to bike, there are plenty of trails to explore, and you and your sweetheart can be getting in a good workout. You don’t have to speed along, but be sure to stop from time to time to have some romantic conversation with a few hugs and kisses thrown in.

Romantic Picnic

While most people will be waiting in a long restaurant line, you and your sweetheart can find a spot you both enjoy and settle down for a romantic picnic. Of course a bottle of wine is a must, but you can get creative with the food end of it by cutting up fruit into tiny pieces for a salad, and threading skewers with ham, cheese, and cherry tomatoes.

Tiny sandwiches are the perfect finger food for a picnic, and don’t forget chocolate for dessert.

Use a Meal Service

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you have to cook. What could be better than having pre-portioned food delivered right to your door? Tasty dishes like steak fajitas, tomato-poached fish, and barbecued turkey meatloaf are just a few of the many entrée choices.

Plated offers these tasty entrees and often gives first-time customers a discount.

Make a Memory Box

Think of all the fun times you have shared together and put reminders in your memory box. It could be a menu from a nice restaurant, some pretty seashells from the beach, a photo you took doing something crazy like rock climbing or zip lining. Maybe you carved your initials into a tree and kept a piece of the bark.

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