4 Tips To Take Care of Your Feet in Menopause


You may notice that your feet ache and the shoe size you usually wear no longer fits. Feet get longer and wider in menopause, and the tendons and ligaments are less flexible. The padding on the bottom of your feet that cushions your steps, thins out over time causing pain and difficulty walking.

Here are 4 tips to take care of your feet in menopause:

Lose Weight

Extra body weight puts more pressure on the bottom of your foot, and can lead to arthritis, flat feet, a shorter gait, ankle sprains, and pain at the ball of the foot. This pain can make it harder to exercise, and you could gain more weight in the future.

Relaxing Soak

Pamper your tired feet by soaking in Epsom Salt. Epsom salt is a compound mixture of magnesium and sulfate, that is absorbed through the skin. Adding ½ cup to a basin of warm water allows you to relax after a hard day on your feet. As a bonus, use for athlete’s foot, painful gout, and toenail fungus.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Flip-flops offer little support to your feet and without that cushioning, you may develop bunions, and stress fractures. A 2009 study from the Today Show and the University of Miami, came out with the surprising news that a pair of flip flops can harbor more than 18,000 bacteria, including fecal matter.

Ask the shoe salesman to measure your feet to ensure a proper fit. Shoes should have a wide toe-box that doesn’t pinch and cause blisters or bunions. If you wear orthotics, bring them with you when you’re trying on shoes.

Use Dry Brush

A dry brush is most effective right before a shower. Use large circular motions on the tops of the feet to slough off dead skin cells, and encourage healthy skin cell formation, and blood flow.