4 Ways to Add Flaxseed to Your Diet

You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about women in menopause. Frustration with weight gain, hot flashes, and depression are enough to make you want to resign from the human race.

Finally, some good news is on the horizon. Flaxseed is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and since it has estrogenic properties, it can be used instead of hormone replacement therapy for women in menopause. As an added bonus, it can also help keep your cholesterol level down.

Flaxseed is high in soluble and insoluble fiber. That’s good news if you’re dieting, because fiber fills you up so you want less food. If you’re constipated, you’ll have easier bowel movements.

You can buy ground flaxseed at a health food store, and it’s easy to incorporate into recipes. Here are four ways to add flaxseed to your diet:

Add to Cereal

I cook my oatmeal the night before and add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed. In the morning I add raisins and a little brown sugar and I am good to go. Flaxseed can also be added to cold cereal and you just need to add a little extra milk to absorb it.

Bake in Bread or Sweet Treats

When you’re mixing your ingredients together for homemade bread, muffins, or cookies, add a tablespoon of flaxseed. The nutty taste of flaxseed blends in perfectly, and it’s another way to sneak in some extra nutrition for your family.

Mix in Sandwich Filling

You can’t make a good sandwich, in my opinion, without mustard or mayo. Switch it up and add ground flaxseed to your sandwich spread.

Stir into Yogurt

Who doesn’t love a good yogurt parfait, especially when it’s hot? Put your favorite yogurt in a bowl, cut up some berries, add a few almonds, and a tablespoon of flaxseed. It will satisfy your sweet cravings.

How do you add flaxseed to your diet?

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