4 Tips to Help You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Watch Your Confidence Soar!


When I was in college, each member of my class was required give a speech. Luckily for me, or at least I thought it was lucky at the time, the instructor gave us this information on the first day. I was so freaked out, I went to the school office, and dropped the class.

I didn’t want to take the chance of choking up, stumbling over my words, or someone laughing at my discomfort. Now, I look back and think it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if any of these things had happened, and I probably would have learned a thing or two.

It’s different for each person, but stepping out of our comfort zone is not easy. Here are four benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone:

It Gets Easier

The next time something unexpected comes up, you’ll remember you got through that tough situation before and you can do it again.

Make You More Productive

If you’ve gotten comfortable with your routine at work, it’s tempting to just do the absolute minimum to get by, and act like you’re too busy to learn something new.  When there is a sense of urgency to meet deadlines, you shift into high gear, and may find new ways to streamline the process.

Trust Your Judgment

When problems come up, it’s tempting to weigh all the options over and over again. Sometimes a snap decision needs to be made just to get the process in motion. You may have to make corrections along the way, but that’s also a good learning experience.

It Might Be Fun

Drive a new route to work, change your hairstyle, visit a new church, or run through the lawn sprinkler. If things don’t work out, so what?  Change things up again.


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