5 Drawbacks of Working at Home

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You may prefer to work at home, and it’s more relaxing to go at your own pace. I’m sure you won’t miss the drama of office politics, and getting rid of that stressful commute.

However, in exchange for your newfound freedom, you’ll have to decide whether you are willing to make do with less, and a more uncertain future.

Here are 5 drawbacks to working at home:

Less Pay/Benefits

Many work at home jobs start at your state’s minimum wage. In many cases, you are considered an independent contractor instead of an employee, so the company doesn’t have to offer benefits. It’s possible to make enough money to support yourself, but you may need more than one job or a spouse who works full-time.

Easier Termination

When you fill out your employment paperwork, there is usually a box to check that your employer can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all. It’s easier for your employer to send a termination email rather than meet with you face to face.


When you’re on the phone with customers, you may be required to purchase a headset and a noise cancelling microphone. This will block out the worst of the noise, but these calls are recorded, so if you have background noise like kids running through the house or a loud TV, you may lose your job.

Personal Calls/Visits

For some reason your friends think that since you are working from home, you are free to drop everything and go shopping, out to lunch, or see a movie. Set strict boundaries and let them know what hours you are working, and you are not to be disturbed.


Since you’re working at the computer, it’s easy to sneak a peek at Facebook, or play a quick game on your iPhone. You remember you have some cookies or snack food in the kitchen, and suddenly you have the munchies.

Schedule Facebook and game playing for after work. Protein snacks such as a handful of nuts, or a piece of string cheese can get you through the 3:00 slump.


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