5 Small Tweaks to Jumpstart Your Diet

You Won't Even Feel Deprived!


Dieting is a pain in the neck under any circumstances, but when you think you’re doing everything right and the scale still doesn’t budge, it’s tempting to just throw in the towel and go back to eating your high-calorie favorites.

Don’t give up yet. By making some small tweaks to your diet, you can easily be on the road to your dream body.

Here are five small tweaks to jumpstart your diet:

Lighten Up Your Coffee

The days when you drank coffee at home are long gone, and ordering a large latte with sugary syrup can really make the calories add up. Try drinking a cup of black coffee or coffee with just cream or sugar, but not both.

Better yet switch to green tea. According to a study by the American Physiological Society, green tea drinkers have lower BMIs and less body fat.

Drink Lemon Water

You should be drinking water throughout the day, and each time you fill your glass, squeeze some lemon juice in. Citrus acts as a diuretic, and going to the bathroom more often, means you’re not as bloated. As an added bonus, you may experience a brief spike in your metabolic rate.

Eat Slower

When you have a busy day, it’s tempting to just gulp down your food as quickly as possible, but your brain needs time to process that full feeling, and you end up overeating. Chew each bite 25 times, and note how your food tastes. Another good trick is to put your fork down between bites.

Keep Gym Clothes in the Car

How many times have you wanted to hit the gym after work, but forgot your gym clothes? So instead of getting in that good workout, you go home and beach on the couch eating chips.

Stash sneakers and leggings in the trunk before work, so you’re all set at the end of the work day.

Grocery Shop After Eating

When I go down the store aisles, I feel like I can inhale 1000 calories just perusing the bakery aisle. I end up buying a treat more times than I care to count. Eat your meal or snack first and then shop. One other tip is to make an exact list and stick to it. Resist the urge to buy the 2-for-1 cookies or chips, and pass up the free samples.

What small tweaks have you made to your diet?



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