Are You Sitting Too Much? (Part II)


In my last blog post I talked about the dangers of sitting too much. It may be a little more difficult to sit less if you work a desk job and have tight deadlines to meet, but by just making a few changes, you’ll improve your overall heath.

Stand Up

Break down your workday into 30 minute increments. Aim for 20 minutes of sitting, and stand up for 8 minutes.  If you’re answering phones, take a few standing up. Email can take some time to process, and is another opportunity to get out of the chair. Do some type of activity where you’re moving around for 2 minutes, such as walking to a co-worker’s desk or to the vending machine.

Find Excuses to Move

Don’t have office supplies within easy reach. Each time you need to replenish your stock, you’ll have another good reason to get moving. Walk to the drinking fountain that is the furthest away, and use a restroom that is on the other side of the building.

Sit On Exercise Ball

If you have low back pain, sitting on an exercise ball will ease your pain. As an added bonus, you are using the muscles in your back, legs and butt to stay balanced.

Eat Lunch Out

I know it is generally healthier to pack a nutritious lunch, but walking to a nearby restaurant gets your body moving and stretches those sore muscles. It doesn’t have to be a diet disaster if you stick to healthier choices or split food with a friend. You might even drop a few pounds.

Form a Walking Group

This was a very popular idea with my co-workers. Instead of sitting and having coffee for break, high heels were replaced with laced sneakers and we did a few turns around the parking lot. It’s also time for some good girl talk.

What steps do you take to sit less?







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