Do You Feel Like Skipping the Gym?

4 Ways to Stay on Track with Home Exercises

The gym offers so many exercise options, and you can work all your muscles in one visit. It’s also fun to meet up with friends and catch up over a healthy smoothie.

However, when you’ve worked all day, endured a grueling commute, and you know your family will be hollering for dinner at soon as you walk through the door, the last thing you may want to do is drive to the gym.

Working out at home is certainly a popular option, but you’ll need to resist the temptation to beach on the couch or watch the TV instead of sticking with your exercise program.

Here are four ways to keep on track with home exercises:

Set Up Exercise Space

A few lucky people have access to a home gym, or have a basement that can be set up for exercise. However, most of us will have to move furniture and clear off a space wherever we can find it. Get things organized ahead of time, and you’ll be ready to go.

Wear Workout Clothes

Just putting on your workout clothes will motivate you to exercise. If you have a day off, stay in your workout clothes for the whole day. Don’t worry if you have to run errands, because most people are in casual clothes so you won’t stand out.

Use Online Exercise Programs

Pooch to 5K is a program designed to help you and your dog get in shape. You download the free program and it is broken down into weekly exercise sessions. What dog doesn’t like to exercise?

Fitness Blender teaches you strength training, and the 4-week booty camp targets those problem thigh and butt areas. I can sure benefit from that program. These are just two of the many programs that are offered, and the cost is very economical.

Schedule Exercise Time

You put your doctor and dentist appointments on your calendar, and your exercise session should also be scheduled. Pick a time of day when you’re least likely to be disturbed, and take your time. You’ll feel more energetic, and better able to tackle your daily tasks.

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