Benefits of Daily Weigh-Ins


Weight is always a sore subject in menopause, and stepping on the scale can be downright depressing.   However, it turns out there are some good reasons to weigh yourself daily:

Tracks Your Progress

Facing the scale daily helps you track your progress and there’s no better feeling in the world that seeing those numbers go down. You may need to make some adjustments, or if you’re happy with your progress, just maintain what you’re doing.

Stops Eating Binge

You may feel like celebrating your weight loss by diving into a pool of chocolate, but seeing that lower number on the means you’re going in the right direction, and an eating binge will just slow down your weight loss. If you want to celebrate, buy yourself some smaller clothes or treat yourself to a movie.

Keeps You Accountable

Since you  know you will have to face the scale every day, you make healthier choices, and even if you’re going out to dinner or to a party, you can have fun without overindulging.

 In my next blog post, I’ll talk about the drawbacks of weighing yourself daily.

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