Do You Weigh Yourself Every Day?

Why You Could Be Sabotaging Your Diet!

Dieting is very popular at this time of year. Feasting on holiday goodies may have you pinching more than just an inch, and you are anxious to drop the pounds and get back in shape.

Your bathroom scales definitely play a role in any weight loss program, but how often should you weigh yourself?  Opinions vary, between once a day, once a week, or once a month or less.

Weighing too often doesn’t always give you the most accurate results because changes take time. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday:

You’re Gaining Muscle

If you’re weightlifting or doing resistance training, you may be gaining muscle, which can make the scale go up instead of down. That’s a good thing because your body fat is going down and you’ll look slimmer.

Salt Retention

If you ate a salty meal such as a double cheeseburger with fries, you may be retaining salt. Too much salt leads to water retention, and until your body can expel that unneeded sodium, you may weigh more than normal.

You Feel Too Guilty

If you step on the scale and have lost weight, it’s a happy day, but if your weight goes up, you feel too guilty and may get so discouraged you throw in the towel on your diet.

Weighing on Different Scales

For the most consistent results, weigh yourself on the same scale. I know it’s tempting when you’re in the gym for your daily workout to hop up on the scale, but since it’s a different scale, the numbers may be higher. It’s also important to weigh yourself at the same time as before, and in the same type of clothes.

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