Feed Your Mind With Positive News

I’ve always considered myself a news junkie.  I listen to local news, nightly news, and of course the ultimate online news source CNN is a must read. Lately, I have cut back because there is so much bad news. Senseless killings, kidnapping, war, and job loss are plastered across the headlines every day, and dwelling on these things can lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Now, I have discovered a  positive news website that has restored my faith in humanity. The stories are so inspirational and they inspire me to step up and be a better person.

When someone mentions Starbucks, I instantly think of those tall latte drinks and tasty pastries. Now I see Starbucks in a new light. Partnering with Food Donation and Feed America, Starbucks will now donate any leftover food for the needy. As I read this story, it made me think of ways I can give back.

A teacher from South Carolina has stepped up to the plate and started the Gentlemen’s Club, for boys who have no father in their life.  Each Wednesday students dress up in their Sunday best and get together to learn how to succeed in life. Skills learned include the proper way to shake hands, make eye contact, and buy shirts and ties for needy kids. It’s very gratifying to be complimented on how nice they look, and raises their self-esteem.

My favorite story on the site today was about a smiling puppy who was rescued from a burning apartment. Once firefighters arrived on the scene, the flames were quickly extinguished and the puppy was rescued. Looking at that smiling face just melted my heart, and makes me realize that there are still good people in the world making a difference.

Feed your mind with positive news. Think of ways that you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.