Is Your Life Stuck in Quicksand?

5 Signs You're About to Experience a Breakthrough


There comes a point in every life where you may need to make a change. Change is not always easy, and some people just give up and go back to their own comfortable life, where there are no risks.

When you feel stuck in life, you may think you did something wrong, you’re not trying hard enough, or success is beyond your reach.

It may be hard to believe, but feeling stuck is actually a good thing. You’re getting closer to your goals. Here are five signs that you’re about to experience a breakthrough:

You’re Fed Up

You’re tired of being broke, or  carrying those 20 extra pounds. Your job sucks and you’re tired of annoying co-workers and a boss that’s a jerk. Does this sound familiar? Circumstances are different for each person, but you know when you’ve reached the breaking point.

Nothing is Working

What you’re doing is no longer enjoyable, and you’re not making any progress. Your venture is not profitable and your energy is non-existent. Things you have tried in the past are no longer working.

Things Become Critical

If you’re facing bankruptcy, and living under the bridge becomes a real possibility, change becomes critical. You may be facing health challenges that require time off, or that force you to seek out a new career.

You Learn From Successful People

One thing that has worked for me when I’ve felt stuck, is to find others’ in my chosen field, and see what they’re doing. Follow others blogs, books, and magazines. Google your goal, and you’ll find lots of success stories from those you admire.

A Door Opens

This can be the most interesting part of the journey because you never know when or how you’ll receive that golden nugget of wisdom that helps you get your life back on track. You may read a book, talk to a friend or get inspiration from a coaching session. Oddly enough, I get most of my inspirational ideas in the shower.


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