The Long Road to Faith in Menopause



You might have noticed if you ever pray about something, that the answer can be very slow in coming. I had a perfect example of this a few years ago.

Mark works for the State of California and since the state budget was so bad, the powers that be decided to put all state workers on a furlough for three days a month. Of course, we had enough trouble with a full paycheck and now with three days missing we were in dire straits.

I am a member of a work at home job board, and found an outbound calling job to help out. Now, picture this: you have a tough day at work, you hit the door dead tired, and your family is demanding dinner. Then I call you and ask you to rate your last store experiences on a scale of 1-10. As you can imagine, I had some mighty mad people on the other end of the line, and that was hard to take day after day.

I decided to pray about the right time to resign, and so I set a goal of 3 months down the line. That made the job easier to take, but 3 months came and went and I was still there. Ok, I would resign at 6 months, but once again I didn’t feel the time was right.

Other people on the job board who were working the same job, would pop over to the forum with some jaunty little comment about how they had left this job behind for something better. I continued to pray my guts out and soon we were at the 1-year mark.

Finally, at the 18-month mark, things began to fall into place. I received a letter from my last employer that I had some retirement funds and I was shocked, since I thought I had received all of my pay when I moved away. The good news was that the company was offering to pay retirement in a lump sum, which they almost never do. I sent back the fastest reply in history, but the funds wouldn’t be available for almost 6 months.

Now I had a game plan and chose the date to give my notice. Each day got a little easier because the end was in sight. When I sent my resignation letter in, I was on cloud 9.

Looking back God knew the perfect time for me to retire, and still be able to make it financially.  It just took a little longer, which required a lot of patience on my part.

Have you experienced the long road to faith in your prayer life?

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